Only F**ks Pat Me On The Head

A review of Only F**ks Pat Me On The Head, a short documentary film about a local man who has Cerebral Palsy.


Embracing expectation

Claiming to produce accessible websites based solely on quantitative metrics results in a twisted view of your organisation’s trustworthiness.

Accessibility Legislation

Accelerating accessibility in New Zealand through legislation

Accessibility gets peoples’ attention when it is backed by law and that law is enforced.

Accessibility Design Patterns

Reducing screen reader verbosity in linked cards

This post explains how I transformed an overly verbose linked card into a much more succinct and accessible one.

Accessibility Community Inclusive Culture

YouTube, say what you really mean

YouTube’s decision to discontinue “community contributions” has big implications for accessibility and community, and signals a worrying shift in their loyalties.

Accessibility Human Nature Inclusive Culture

Dissecting negative attitudes towards disability

Dr. Catalin Brylla’s research project on “Blindness, Media and Social Stigma” answers my biggest questions about the way that people view disability.

Accessibility Inclusive Culture Testing

Continuous manual accessibility testing

If continuous manual usability testing is a part of our workflow, why is manual accessibility testing only done at the end of the project?

Failure Human Nature

Failure builds character

Often our teachers don’t mention that their wisdom was built on failure.

Ethical Development

Projecting human quirks on to software

Modern software is often quirky and hard to use. Users and usability professionals have high expectations, and often product developers blame the technology for a poor experience.

Accessibility Compliance

Private Sector Accessibility: Canada

Exempting start-ups from accessibility regulations can have a drastic effect on end users.

Accessibility Inclusive Culture

Welfare and the cost of inaction

The status quo focusses on the cost of action, not the cost of inaction.

Accessibility Ethical Development

What Web Accessibility is – and what it isn’t

In honour of all the people struggling to do basic things on the internet, let’s define what Web Accessibility is – and what it isn’t.

Accessibility Product Design

Flow-on benefits of considering accessibility

Investing effort in one user group will increase your appeal to others.

Accessibility Human Nature

But blind people can’t do that

As a conscientious web developer, I build web pages that endeavour to be accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.  Inevitably, this means that every now and then I have to pull a project manager, client, or designer up on inaccessible content or a poorly thought out design.  So, I might say […]